Make a posy vase for your Mum on Saturday 7th March

Make a posy vase for your Mum on Saturday 7th March

There are some occasions when it is important to give a special gift. An item that not only shows that you care for the person, but also shows that you understand something more about them. Throughout your life you have always been particularly precious to a certain someone. Whether you realize it or not, your Mum is always thinking about you.



On 22nd March it is Mother’s Day and this is your chance to make your Mum a beautiful little vase that is completely personal to her and make her feel truly appreciated.Your posy vase could be impressed with some of her favourite flowers, a pattern or a special message. It could be made by you or your children (this event is suitable for young and old alike). Every time your Mother looks at your handmade posy vase she will be reminded how much you cherish her.


Come along to our shop on Saturday 7th March and have some fun making a posy vase especially for your Mum.

Or bring your Mum as her treat and you can both make a vase together.



There will be hourly slots from 11am - 4pm



Your posy vase will be glazed and fired in time for you to collect before Mother’s Day on 22nd March



For £30 you can create something personal and unique. Book here or call me on 07941416251 or email me at (£30 per vase made)



Maximum 8 people at a time. Children need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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