Into the Blue - Small

Into the Blue - Small

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I love these Queen Anne's Lace flowers, which I have collected from local woodland here in St Leonards. When they come out in April / May I know that we are heading into the warmer months and the sight of them makes me happy.  They are delicate to work with yet create a strong impression on the lamp surface. The colour was chosen to accentuate the pattern of the flowers.                                                 

The colour of porcelain lamp may vary slightly from the image shown. There is a natural variation in the lighting as different environments effect the light levels emitted through the porcelain.

'Into the blue' would make a great bedside light - lying down in bed you have the relaxing blue cowparsley flowers to look at. Sitting up you can use the light coming out of the top of the lamp to read by, still creating a relaxing bedroom feel.

Cobalt blue

H: 30cm x W: 18cm x D: 17cm

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