'Stary Night' Night Light / Vase

'Stary Night' Night Light / Vase

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This porcelain night light / vase has been impressed with dried flowers, small stars and glazed cobalt blue to give the impression of a garden at night. The inside has been glazed with clear glaze so it can be used as a vase too. 

When a tea light candle is placed inside the night light it creates a beautiful flickering effect in any room. Great for a relaxing evening at home.

The colour of porcelain night lights may vary slightly from the image shown. There is a natural variation as different environments effect the light levels emitted through the porcelain.

Natural cream porcelain body with cobalt blue glaze.

W:9cm x D:10cm x H:12.5cm

All items are carefully packaged in bubble wrap and strong cardboard to ensure safe transportation.