Underwater Grasses Tea-light Vase

Underwater Grasses Tea-light Vase

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The ‘Underwater Grasses’ tealight-vase is a beautifully hand crafted, bone china vessel that can be used as a tealight or a vase.

These bone china vessels are slip cast in bone china clay. The transfer and glaze are added after subsequent firings. They were inspired by a large lamp that I made in porcelain where I pressed the grasses into the porcelain clay and added a cobalt glaze.

The fine Bone China has a wonderful translucency. The candle flickers through the vessel accentuating the design and creating a warm glow – perfect to set the mood for a romantic dinner or a long relaxing soak in the bath. As a vase the ‘Underwater Grasses’ tealight-vase is just the right size for a posy of flowers collected from a walk or from your garden.

W:10cm x D:9cm x H: 13.7cm (measurements may vary slightly between pieces). 
All items are carefully packaged in bubble wrap and strong cardboard to ensure safe transportation.